Nice to meet you! Just to be clear; this has nothing to do with the PRISM crap going on in the United States of Eavesdropping, nor with the Katy Perry album. Why then this name? Because it reminds me of what I want to do; with just one ray of light, create many colours. Because one person can make a difference. Not saying I am that person, but I am A person.

I am Rianne de Bakker, 21 years old, and an aspiring writer & traveller. What do I write about? Almost everything that comes on my path. Where do I travel to? Almost everywhere that comes on my path.

As a student International Communication and Media, I am interested in the world of new media technology, cultural communication and international journalism, amongst others. Currently writing from Taipei, Taiwan, I want to discover myself and the world and hope to do so by the magic power of words, stories and the occasional photographs/videos.

Up in the sky

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