Paradise of Pai

Meanwhile, in another quiet morning in Pai, I have found time in my doing nothing to write some words.Sitting in the outside common room, listening to the relaxing yoga session going on next to me, my mind and body are at peace (even though I am not even participating in the yoga session). And thank you for that, because Pai plague has already caught four friends by now. Hopefully it will pass me by – I’ve already had my share in Chiang Mai.
Pai is the most tranquil paradise I have encountered so far. Imagine waking up whenever you want, walking out of your dorm room and of course, the sun is shining. You take your first chill moment and head out for breakfast at Om Garden (obviously). After stuffing yourself with good food, you take your next chill moment and you can do whatever you want. Shopping, renting a motorbike and preferably not crashing and exploring the waterfalls, fake Chinese villages and Pai canyon, reading a book at one of the many little restaurants or just napping all day until it’s time for another favorite passtime: EATING! In the evening, the night market bursts open with opportunities for more shopping, eating pad thai, springrolls, veggie lasagnas, burritos, dried squid, kebab, gyoza, crepes and much more to stuff your face. After gorging all the food you can get your hands on, you guessed it, it’s time for another chill moment before heading off to one of the countless live music venues around to listen to the many talented artists that flock to the village.That is basically your average Pai-day and it’s awesome. It’s a perfect way to charge up before going to China and meeting the parents. “Living by doing nothing” is the slogan – and I have been living by it precariously.
IMAG1487    IMAG1528

Basically, Pai is one big great cliché, the type of hippie town where you can easily hang around, where the dreadlocks and tattoos are common, vegetarian and vegan foods are super easy to come by (and generally, the food is to die for), the clothes you can find are standard hippie trousers and tie-dye shirts. So you can imagine – I feel right at home here and I have been smiling every single day again. I will explain why the term again.

After Myanmar, my stomach was still acting funny, resulting in a few running-to-the-toilet times and a discreet puking-in-the-Bangkok-MRT moment. Still in Chiang Mai not a complete 100% yet, and when that was combined with bed bugs, I had my first-ever “wish I was home (or at least wish I had my mum now)” thought. Though, I’m a 22 year old girl, I can take care of myself! So I did and once I got to Pai, I was feeling 100% again. Yay me! This is why I hope I will not catch Pai Plague.

A week left of relaxing in a hammock (which I’m doing right now), eating (which I’m going to do in an hour or two), biking around (maybe tomorrow) and shopping (continuously). I think I will manage.


Yeah I’ll definitely manage!

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