When even the cabin crew take selfies…

… and you get about 5 vendors around you trying to sell you a selfie stick, you (or at least I) flee to your fanned bed. Yes, I’m in Thailand, more specifically Bangkok where the sweat will be running down the inside of your leg in no time. Another reason to flee. Just for a couple of hours with a newly bought book (my bargaining skills are improving!!!) that I chose over Murakami. Yes, I actually picked a book over a Murakami book that I hadn’t read yet (just so you know, Murakami is one of my favorite authors). The thing with Murakami books is that I want to have them, not trade them when I finish. Maybe I realize that I don’t want to trade this book either (George Orwell – Burmese Days), but what the hell.

Anyway, after a couple days in Penang and Koh Phangan, I’m suddenly in a giant metropole and as you can read, I need some time to get used to it. Okay yes, Georgetown might also be a big city, but at least the UNESCO Heritage Site is small, therefore it didn’t feel like a big city. So yes, after a few chill days, it might not have been the best idea to go to Thanon Khao San – a street where the tuk-tuks either run you over or drag you along, where you can get anything a backpacker wants for less than 300 baht and where you will drown in foreigners. I have learned from my mistake!

So yes, my initial plan was to stay in Penang for even more days, maybe go to Pulau Langkawi and then take the train up to Bangkok. This young traveller did not calculate Chinese New Year. So the trains were booked. What to do now? Well, let’s just go to Koh Phangan for some lazy days at the beach and book a cheap-ass flight to Bangkok! So I did just that.
IMAG1059 That’s what I had to deal with for 2 days, not bad huh?
Currently, I have been travelling for three weeks and it stills feels like yesterday that I left home, so I hope it will be a while before I actually will return home 🙂 I have left Malaysia behind me for now, but I still have some places I want to go, so I can at least spend all those Ringgits that I still have in my wallet.

To close it off, some photos of Penang, one of my favorite places so far. See you soon!
Temple in Georgetown   Cat Cafe!
Streetart in Georgetown  Fisherman

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